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+GCompris Release 9.1:
+In short, this release is a bug fix release of the 9.0. It is mandatory for all packager to use this one due to the large number of problems we fixed.
+You get the tarball at the usual place on Sourceforge:
+490cc6ee81847e4441a878dc6e16f301  gcompris-9.1.tar.gz
+If you prefer, on the git side, this comes from the 'gcomprixogoo' branch.
+If full, the change log is:
+Core fixes:
+- Added support of Sugar look&feel by Aleksey Lim
+- Now the group menus are ordered based on an embedded difficulty
+  level so that they appear in the same order.
+- Fixes to compile with GTK 2.19 by Johan Cwiklinski
+- Removed unused import rsvg in watercycle and penalty.
+  PACKAGERS: This mean we no more need on python-rsvg.
+Activity fixes:
+- scale
+  Added a sign on the scale
+  The scale activity is sometimes annoying because you cannot easiliy
+  see which side the scale goes. I added a sign < > or = on it to ease
+  the task.
+- photo hunter
+  Major rework of he photo hunter activity that can now detect the
+  image difference automagically. This makes it easy to contribute new
+  data set to this activity, just provide it 2 images having some
+  differences. BTW, I added some more content to it.
+  Photo hunter has been fixed to work in full screen and now has an
+  explanation string when started
+- erase
+  Fixed events on the canvas that where not taken in account.
+  Now clicking beside the fish does speed them like it was before.
+- reversecount
+  Fixed reversecount, it was not restarting on loose case.
+  Now when the children loose he restarts the same level.
+- follow line
+  Adapted the follow line to work on touch screen.
+  This was reported by Ronny Standtke.
+  Now not only the motion events are catched but also click events.
+- animation activity
+  Added tooltip in the animation activity.
+- smallnumber
+  Fixed a crash case in smallnumber activity.
+  This has also been improved to avoid overlaps of dices.
+  Fixed smallnumber2 activity regarding dice pair not close enough.
+- electricity
+  Fixed electricity activity, image was referenced badly.
+- geography
+  Added translation on tooltips in the geography activity.
+- missingletter
+  Fixed missingletter crash uppon changing its locale.
+- erase double click
+  Reintroduced the erase double click activity.
+- memory word number
+  Fixed memory word number activity. It was broken related to
+  translations.
+- smallnumber
+  No more display the sublevel 11/10.
+- ball catch
+  Added the manual in the first start of ballcatch.
+- traffic
+  Simplified level for traffic.
+  A contribution from a French teacher Sylvain Dechy who teaches in
+  Hérimoncourt. This introduces a set of simplified level in the traffic
+  activity best suited for children.
+- tuxpaint
+  Fixed tuxpaint activity. Was completely broken.
+- memory sound
+  Now in memory_sound activity the intro is heard.
+- melody
+  Added an OK button to start the melody activity.
+  This avoids the intro voice to be skipped.
+Translation updates:
+- Updated Ukrainian translation by Ivan Onyshchuk
+- Updated French translation by Bruno Coudoin
+- Updated Hungarian translation by Gabor Kelemen
+- Updated Czech translation by Marek Černocký
+- Updated Simplified Chinese translation by Ray Wang
+- Updated Arabic translation by Khaled Hosny
+- Updated Afrikaans translation by  Friedel Wolff
+- Updated Portuguese translation by  Duarte Loreto
+- Updated Czech translation by Marek Cernocky
+- Updated Bulgarian translation by Alexander Shopov
+- Updated Brazilian Portuguese by Frederico Goncalves Guimaraes
+Voice pack:
+- Several voices where not played due to name mismatch
+- Added a new voice set by for Chineese by Feng Jie.