genparse (0.5.2-11.2) doc/


 doc/ |   53 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++--------------------------
 1 file changed, 27 insertions(+), 26 deletions(-)

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--- genparse-0.5.2.orig/doc/
+++ genparse-0.5.2/doc/
@@ -1,6 +1,7 @@
-This is, produced by makeinfo version 4.0 from
+This is, produced by makeinfo version 4.0b from
 * Genparse: (genparse).         Command line parser generator.
@@ -1595,30 +1596,30 @@
 Tag Table:
-Node: Top1043
-Node: Introduction1547
-Node: Making Genparse Files4154
-Node: A Simple Application4728
-Node: Adding Command Line Options8003
-Ref: Adding Command Line Options-Footnote-112593
-Node: Simplifying Command Line Parsing with Genparse12656
-Node: Header Files15359
-Ref: Header Files-Footnote-119673
-Node: Parser Files19774
-Ref: Parser Files-Footnote-125622
-Node: Main Program25712
-Node: Include Files and Callbacks27877
-Node: C++ Output32042
-Node: Header File32926
-Node: Parser File35439
-Ref: Parser File-Footnote-139525
-Node: Callback File39655
-Node: Main C++ Program40766
-Node: Idiosyncrasies42541
-Node: Genparse Options43754
-Node: Genparse File Grammar46854
-Node: The Future49015
-Node: Some History50497
-Node: Index54071
+Node: Top1073
+Node: Introduction1577
+Node: Making Genparse Files4184
+Node: A Simple Application4758
+Node: Adding Command Line Options8033
+Ref: Adding Command Line Options-Footnote-112623
+Node: Simplifying Command Line Parsing with Genparse12686
+Node: Header Files15389
+Ref: Header Files-Footnote-119703
+Node: Parser Files19804
+Ref: Parser Files-Footnote-125652
+Node: Main Program25742
+Node: Include Files and Callbacks27907
+Node: C++ Output32072
+Node: Header File32956
+Node: Parser File35469
+Ref: Parser File-Footnote-139555
+Node: Callback File39685
+Node: Main C++ Program40796
+Node: Idiosyncrasies42571
+Node: Genparse Options43784
+Node: Genparse File Grammar46884
+Node: The Future49045
+Node: Some History50527
+Node: Index54101
 End Tag Table