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--- itrans-5.3.orig/contrib/README
+++ itrans-5.3/contrib/README
@@ -1,8 +1,7 @@
-This directory contains scripts and tools and documents that may be
-useful with ITRANS.
+This directory contains scripts that may be useful with ITRANS.
 This directory may contain files contributed by other people, more info
 will be available with the associated files.
@@ -17,19 +16,7 @@
 mkps		-- shell script to convert a .itx to a .ps file	-- produces ITRANS output from ITRANS input
-latex2html.txt	-- describes how to use Ross Moore's extensions
-                   to Latex2HTML to convert .itx files to .html
-		   where all the Indic Script text is displayed using
-		   GIF images.
 mkl2h		-- shell script to create html doc from a .itx using
 		   latex2html, this is what I used to create HTML files
 		   out of all the ITRANS/doc/*.itx files.
-prnounce.itx	-- document describes pronunciation of Devanagari letters
-	-- IFM files for the Tamil Adhawin font	-- another version of the IFM file for Adhawin