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+++ ncftp-3.2.4/doc/man/ncftpbookmarks.1
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+.TH ncftpbookmarks 1 2003-07-09 "NcFTP Software"
+ncftpbookmarks \- full screen bookmarks editor for ncftp
+.I ncftpbookmarks
+is a full-screen bookmark editor for the
+.I "File Transfer Protocol"
+.IR "ncftp".
+.I ncftp
+can bookmark server name, login name and password
+of your favorite ftp servers.
+.I ncftpbookmarks
+is used to handle these
+This full-screen editor can also be launched from the ncftp prompt with
+.I bookmarks
+While using
+.IR ncftpbookmarks ,
+the screen is divided into two parts.
+The left one gives a brief description of keyboard controls.
+The right one lists all existing bookmarks.
+Up and down arrows (or "u" and "d" keys) are used to move the cursor
+in this list.
+The "x" key is used to quit the editor.
+Other commands have to be typed in full (e.g.\&
+.IR /ed ,
+.IR /del ).
+.IP $HOME/\.ncftp/bookmarks
+Saves bookmark and host information.
+Mike Gleason, NcFTP Software (
+This man page was written by Nicolas Duboc ( for
+the Debian distribution of the ncftp package.
+.IR ncftp (1)