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+Copyright FAQ
+   1. I don't understand the resale restriction... What gives?
+      Bitstream is giving away these fonts, but wishes to ensure its
+      competitors can't just drop the fonts as is into a font sale system
+      and sell them as is. It seems fair that if Bitstream can't make money
+      from the Bitstream Vera fonts, their competitors should not be able to
+      do so either. You can sell the fonts as part of any software package,
+      however.
+   2. I want to package these fonts separately for distribution and
+      sale as part of a larger software package or system.  Can I do so?
+      Yes. A RPM or Debian package is a "larger software package" to begin 
+      with, and you aren't selling them independently by themselves. 
+      See 1. above.
+   3. Are derivative works allowed?
+      Yes!
+   4. Can I change or add to the font(s)?
+      Yes, but you must change the name(s) of the font(s).
+   5. Under what terms are derivative works allowed?
+      You must change the name(s) of the fonts. This is to ensure the
+      quality of the fonts, both to protect Bitstream and Gnome. We want to
+      ensure that if an application has opened a font specifically of these
+      names, it gets what it expects (though of course, using fontconfig,
+      substitutions could still could have occurred during font
+      opening). You must include the Bitstream copyright. Additional
+      copyrights can be added, as per copyright law. Happy Font Hacking!
+   6. If I have improvements for Bitstream Vera, is it possible they might get 
+       adopted in future versions?
+      Yes. The contract between the Gnome Foundation and Bitstream has
+      provisions for working with Bitstream to ensure quality additions to
+      the Bitstream Vera font family. Please contact us if you have such
+      additions. Note, that in general, we will want such additions for the
+      entire family, not just a single font, and that you'll have to keep
+      both Gnome and Jim Lyles, Vera's designer, happy! To make sense to add
+      glyphs to the font, they must be stylistically in keeping with Vera's
+      design. Vera cannot become a "ransom note" font. Jim Lyles will be
+      providing a document describing the design elements used in Vera, as a
+      guide and aid for people interested in contributing to Vera.
+   7. I want to sell a software package that uses these fonts: Can I do so?
+      Sure. Bundle the fonts with your software and sell your software
+      with the fonts. That is the intent of the copyright.
+   8. If applications have built the names "Bitstream Vera" into them, 
+      can I override this somehow to use fonts of my choosing?
+      This depends on exact details of the software. Most open source
+      systems and software (e.g., Gnome, KDE, etc.) are now converting to
+      use fontconfig (see to handle font configuration,
+      selection and substitution; it has provisions for overriding font
+      names and subsituting alternatives. An example is provided by the
+      supplied local.conf file, which chooses the family Bitstream Vera for
+      "sans", "serif" and "monospace".  Other software (e.g., the XFree86
+      core server) has other mechanisms for font substitution.