hmmer (3.0-4) debian-changes-3.0-1

Summary |   16 ++++++++--------
 1 file changed, 8 insertions(+), 8 deletions(-)

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Patch contents

Description: Upstream changes introduced in version 3.0-1
 This patch has been created by dpkg-source during the package build.
 Here's the last changelog entry, hopefully it gives details on why
 those changes were made:
 hmmer (3.0-1) unstable; urgency=low
   * The 3.0 release should now substitute the outdated 2.3.x one.
   * The hmmer-pvm package is no longer available.
 The person named in the Author field signed this changelog entry.
Author: Eric Talevich <>

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--- hmmer-3.0.orig/
+++ hmmer-3.0/
@@ -39,7 +39,7 @@ datarootdir = @datarootdir@
 bindir      = @bindir@
 mandir      = @mandir@
 man1dir     = ${mandir}/man1
-manext      = .1
+manext      = 1
 # Compiler configuration
@@ -180,10 +180,10 @@ install: libraries programs
 	for file in $(PROGS); do\
 	   cp ${SRCDIR}/$$file ${DESTDIR}${bindir}/;\
-#	-mkdir -p ${DESTDIR}/${MANDIR}/man${MANSUFFIX}
-#	-for file in hmmer $(PROGS); do\
-#	   $(INSTMAN) documentation/man/$$ ${DESTDIR}$(MANDIR)/man$(MANSUFFIX)/$$file.$(MANSUFFIX);\
-#	done
+	-mkdir -p ${DESTDIR}/${mandir}/man${manext}
+	-for file in hmmer $(PROGS); do\
+	   $(INSTMAN) documentation/man/$$ ${DESTDIR}${mandir}/man${manext}/$$file.${manext};\
+	done
 # uninstall: Reverses the steps of "make install".
@@ -191,9 +191,9 @@ uninstall:
 	for file in $(PROGS); do\
 	   rm ${DESTDIR}${bindir}/$$file;\
-#	for file in hmmer $(PROGS); do\
-#	   rm $(MANDIR)/man$(MANSUFFIX)/$$file.$(MANSUFFIX);\
-#	done
+	for file in hmmer $(PROGS); do\
+ 	   rm $(MANDIR)/man$(manext)/$$file.$(manext);\
+ 	done
 # "make clean" removes almost everything except configuration files.